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Frequently Asked Questions

What we get asked most frequently may be the same questions you have!

Can you help my business?

If your business has been running for more than a year or you make over $10,000 in revenue per month, we can help! We primarily help businesses earning between $20,000 and $50,000 a month and help them scale with the power of Facebook Ads.

How does performance based pricing work?

We offer performance based pricing for Facebook Ads. This means we can work on a percentage of sales or a cost per lead basis, with no retainer fee. We can also do a mix of low retainer and performance based. To qualify, you will need a validated sales funnel. We can get you there if you are not already!

Can we use Facebook Ads to scale my business?

Yes, absolutely! Scaling with Facebooks ads is an area of specialty for us –  we love to do it. We want to grow your business and take you from success to success.

Do you only do Facebook ads?

We specialize in Facebook Ads, Instagram ads which are owned by Facebook and run from the same platform, and other marketing platforms including Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and YouTube Ads. We do a lot of ads! All to get you more business.

Sales funnels are what we excel at and that includes everything from the ads themselves, to the landing page or online store front, through integrations and follow up automations, to email marketing and retargeting/remarketing.

We take care of the steps to bring your business up and grow your business.