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Facebook ads don’t work in isolation.

You can run the best performing Facebook ads (and we do!), but if another part of your business is struggling, it will impact overall results.

You want to look at the FULL sales funnel you have in your business, not just the ads. That’s what we do.

As a business owner, knowing what works and what needs improvement – and taking action on that – is the best way to grow and scale a business. If you’re like us, you’d prefer to know about a problem ahead of time to deal with it. Then scale!

When a Client Works With Us…

Our clients typically see these changes in their business after they start working with us:

Expand Business

Expanding business is different for each business. Our clients grow by:

  • Hiring staff
  • Entering new geographic areas
  • Adding new products
  • Creating a new business line
  • Targeting new audiences

Increase Ad Spend

Whether ad spend starts at only $2000 a month, or $600 a day, our clients’ ad spend increases over time as we get reliable, stable data. We track the numbers. Ad spend goes in, and we know what results come out. Knowing this, it just makes sense to increase ad spend.

Expand Marketing Channels

While we like to start out and absolutely nail Facebook ads, once that is cranking nicely, our clients typically add additional services with us. We want the both of us you to focus on one thing at a time, before increasing spend and effort. 

As our clients see one marketing channel work, they add more. This could be email marketing, text message marketing, SEO, content, Google ads, YouTube ads – our goal is do whatever it takes to support a fully functioning Facebook ads funnel.

Make Business Decision With Data

Our clients typically see these changes within their business:

  • Increase in web traffic
  • Increase in sales
  • A reduction in Cost per Acquisition or Cost per Lead 
  • Increase in customer Lifetime Value 
  • Increase in repeat purchases
  • Increase in upsells and cross sells 
  • Increase in customer base

Interested to Know More About Growing and Scaling Your Business?

When our clients see these results, and know the outcome of our efforts, it allows them to plan their next business steps. Book a time to chat with one of our team members, we love to help!