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There’s more to it than you might think.

We all know Facebook ads work, we hear about others who have great success with them. But sometimes it just does not work for you. But WHY not?! Here’s the secret to successful Facebook ads.

Facebook ads are as much about the expert execution of running the ads, as the entire environment they work in. What does that mean? It means you cannot run Facebook ads without a full and working sales funnel. Your website, your copy, your follow up email sequences. All these things have a huge impact on whether your Facebook ads get the results you want. Here is what is involved.


Facebook Ads

It actually starts with knowing your audience. Who you target, what you offer, and how you tell your story can make or break the first step. Yes, the ads need to be expertly run, adhering to Facebook policy, perform to industry standards or exceed them, and get people to take a step further.


Traffic Ready

How ready are you to start generating massive amounts of traffic from ads? Your overall online presence is important. That includes everything from a business website, to a social presence, to having reviews, and proper tracking systems in place. 

Conversion Ready

How your website and landing pages are designed will have a huge impact on your results too. If people cannot find what they need easily, if they are unclear on the offer, if the Call To Action is unclear, they will likely leave your site without making that all important conversion. Part of a good conversion set up is your follow up. Retargeting and email follow up are two ways to do this. Overall, you want it to be as easy as possible for someone to complete a conversion.

Facebook ads cannot be run in isolation. They are part of an online sales funnel, and all those parts need to be firing fully to bring in the results.